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Are you a high-achieving, heart-centred woman architect or designer? Are you hearing the call to step into a new way of creating architecture? A way that's in tune with your soul's mission and your divine calling?

Now is the time and we are the ones. 

Join me for Episode 2 of the New Earth Architectress™, where I share why partnering with the Spirit of the Land is critical for a successful sanctuary design that nourishes your clients' souls.

Key nuggets:

02:32  Nature at the design table!

04:18  Ease in your workflow

06:31  Critical anchor points for magic

06:53  You are ready

09:32  Karmic challenges

13:03  Time containers to avoid over-design 

13:50  The power of your consciousness & word

17:10  Something you've never imagined before needs to get built 

20:50  Sparked by unaligned intentions

22:53  Listening & reading the field (Connor Sauer)

25:09  The Land is our mirror

32:11  Architecture that anchors the best your clients can be

33:03  Anything is possible

35:53  Your role as the New Earth Architectress™

36:55  Your client's long-term success

About your Host

Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan is the creator of The Sacred Blueprint™ - a cutting-edge vessel of courses and programs for property owners and designers to birth their dream sanctuaries through a new modality that bridges spirituality & architecture. 

She leads mentorship programs for women Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers on Mastering Co-Creative Property Design as well as design guidance for visionaries and creators to transform their property into a place that supports their Soul's Purpose while partnering with the Spirit of the Land. 

Her work is multi-disciplinary, intuitive and of the future, bridging her knowledge, skills and experience in Organic Architecture, Esoteric Research, Geomancy, Alchemical Healing, Anthroposophy and Art.

Aisha Rose is a Licensed Architect in Turkey (TMMOB/ C.A.T.) with over 19 years of design and construction experience in Canada, Germany, Turkey and Switzerland on a wide range of projects including large and small scale residential, urban design, mixed-use, cultural, educational and institutional buildings.

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