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Are you a high-achieving, heart-centred woman architect or designer? Are you hearing the call to step into a new way of creating architecture? A way that's in tune with your soul's mission and your divine calling? 

Now is the time and we are the ones. 

Join me for Episode 10 of the New Earth Architectress™, where I talk about how to co-create with kindred goddesses to birth your sacred design walk.

Key nuggets:

01:42 - Mother Gaia is calling us to step into a more heart-centered approach to creating sanctuaries.

04:00 - Our imagination is a force of creation.

06:10 - So many projects fail because we doubt ourselves. 

07:50 - The more time expands, the more you’re anchored in your truth.

09:54 - When women gather, circuits of energy are activated. 

16:44 - Your sacred walk. 

19:00 - The irony behind offices that have no life. 

20:44 - What the New Earth reinvents.  

22:59 - Go deeper in all parts of yourself.

23:17 - What to do when you are experiencing blocks and burnout. 

28:55 - How I changed the trajectory of my life.

29:30 - What happens when you make a decision with a full bodied yes! 

34:38 - Breathe the breath of the goddess.

37:31 - Doors are open to the Architect’s Studio!

40:25 - Step out of the consultant model and into the creator that you are!

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Download application details for The Sacred Blueprint~ Architect’s Studio, my 3-month group program for women architects & designers >>> HERE!  Doors close Apr 9. We begin Apr 11.  

About your Host

Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan is the creator of The Sacred Blueprint™ - a cutting-edge vessel of courses and programs for property owners and designers to birth their dream sanctuaries through a new modality that bridges spirituality & architecture. 


She leads mentorship programs for women Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers on Mastering Co-Creative Property Design as well as design guidance for visionaries and creators to transform their property into a place that supports their Soul's Purpose while partnering with the Spirit of the Land. 


Her work is multi-disciplinary, intuitive and of the future, bridging her knowledge, skills and experience in Organic Architecture, Esoteric Research, Geomancy, Alchemical Healing, Anthroposophy and Art.


Aisha Rose is a Licensed Architect in Turkey (TMMOB/ C.A.T.) with over 19 years of design and construction experience in Canada, Germany, Turkey and Switzerland on a wide range of projects including large and small scale residential, urban design, mixed-use, cultural, educational and institutional buildings.

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Download application details for The Sacred Blueprint~ Architect’s Studio, my 3-month group program for women architects & designers >>> HERE!  Doors close Apr 9. We begin Apr 11. 

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